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Finding Best Computer Games for Your Child

Computer games are one of the best things that kids love to play with. However, parents should make it a point that their children do not spend much time on the PC, playing games. There are certain games that are considered appropriate for kids to play. These games have elements of education, sports, logical thinking, and other aspects necessary for the development of children. There are even puzzles and word-completion games which are believed to be the best computer games for children. These kinds of games do not have a bad effect on kids.

List of the Best Computer Games for Kids

Backyard Football
This is one of the best sports games for kids. Children who love to play football can choose child versions of their favorite NFL players for enjoyment. Game customizations include field, team, players, and weather selection. It is available at just around $12.

I Spy: Spooky Mansion Deluxe
This is one of the most popular educational computer games for kids. The game has a toy skeleton guiding the player through a mansion, wherein you will come across picture riddles and hidden objects. The player’s main aim is to get out of the mansion. This kids’ game is currently sold at around $15.

World of Goo
This game is reported to be one of the most recommended award-winning games suitable to be played by kids. The player has to drag-drop the people of World of Goo in order to enable them to explore their area, and you also have to deal with the danger that they encounter. The approximate price of this PC game is believed to be about $20.

If you are searching for best free computer games for kids, this is the most suitable choice. This is an adventure game for kids wherein players have to prevent the world’s destruction using the ‘Supercow’. The Supercow has certain tools which can be used for fighting against the attempts for destruction.

Plants Vs. Zombies
This is also an award-winning adventure game for kids. The player here has to destroy zombies using plants. You can choose from a wide range of funny-looking plants as well as a variety of zombies. The price of this computer game is only around $12.

Zhu Zhu Pets
This is also considered one of the best kids’ computer games. The player has to choose his favorite hamster and race all the way through the city. Remember that the race has to be completed in a set time. There are 30 interesting levels to enjoy in Zhu Zhu Pets. You may have to pay just about less than $10 for buying this game.

Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo
This game challenges creative and logical thinking abilities in children along with entertainment. The player has to team up with the character ‘Bob the Builder’ and build a zoo for animals roaming free in the city. This PC game is available for an inexpensive price of just around $10.

There are many other recommended games such as Shrek Superslam, Disney Princess Castle Party, Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkeys Eye, Hidden Expedition Titanic Game, Mermaid Matching Game, and MathCar Racing, just to name a few. Free online games for kids are also great choices for those who want to try out some interesting games.

Driving Games for Your Child

Online driving games for kids help them learn parallel parking. You learn, how to park your car between two cars and parallel to the curb. During parallel parking, you have to make sure that you don’t go on the sidewalk, because you are not supposed to hit the pedestrians. You learn about right-of-way, so that you know who has the priority to go and who has to wait, when the routes of two cars conflict or interfere with each other.

You learn how to obey the traffic lights at four-way intersections. The traffic light system in the game is similar to the traffic light convention that is followed on the roads. The three-way traffic light system uses three colors―red, yellow, and green. The red light means your car has to stop, the yellow light means you have to take caution, and the green light means you can proceed. You also learn how to take a car out of a parking space and leave a parking lot. Of course, the games are no substitute to going to a driving school.

The free games use the keyboard to control the movement of the car. The up arrow key moves the car forward, and the down arrow key moves the car in reverse. The left and right arrow keys move the car to the left and right. The space bar key has different functions in different games. In some games, it is used to put the brakes on the car; in others, it is used to make a U-turn or jump.

Top 5 Websites to Visit

If you already have a favorite site that you play the games on, do make it point to visit these as well. You never know, you might just find a few games more interesting.

There are games as great as the Grand Theft Auto with sports cars, buggies, school buses, police cars, and even trains. As you select a game to play, you will get the complete details about what the game is all about, your role in it, and how the game should be played. You can create your own free account on the site, or sign-in with your Facebook account as well.

Truck Games Parking
Whether you want to play with pick-up trucks, monster trucks, sports cars, school buses, police cars, taxis, or tanks, this site has it all. Every game is unique and will keep you occupied for hours. And the best part is, you don’t even have to sign up to start playing. Just go to their site, pick the games you want to play, and proceed thereon.

Hot Wheels
Choose the cars by year, pick the races to be played in the city, as a race, go off-roading, or build your own custom car. All you need to do is become a member of the site so you can enjoy playing the games, win awards, and so much more. In only 2 minute’s time, you will have a plethora of games waiting for you.

You can play any of the games with your favorite Nickelodeon characters. Signing up with the site is so easy, all you need to do is pick the gender and type in an awesome username to represent yourself.

Monster High
You’re not just going to be racing; you get to pick your own character as well. From ghouls and ‘mansters’, play wonderful games on the site with a spooky twist. Start playing the game by signing up with the site to become a member. Apart from playing the games, you can also win awards and points.

Goals of the Games

► The goal of these games is to get your car to the finishing line. There is only a limited amount of time available to complete the tasks. You may be carrying some cargo which you have to transport to the destination. There are various missions such as transporting cargo through forests, deserts, and snowy regions. On the screen, you will see arrows that point to the general direction of the destination. You should look for passengers to pick up and then drop them to their destinations as fast as possible.

► Some games let you control the emergency services of a city. For example, you have to drive an ambulance to the hospital. The task would be to pick up patients on the way to the hospital. Another task would be to give CPR to someone who needs it. Some games may also require you to drive a fire engine to a place that is on fire. You may also have to drive a police car to a scene of robbery. You may also be given in tasks like defusing bombs and chasing down and capturing escaped zoo animals.

► There may be special objects in the middle of the road that increase the oil in your car. This allows the car to go a farther distance. There are other obstacles on the road which you should not hit as they may damage your car.

► You are also not allowed to slam into other cars on the road. You should also not drive into buildings, or the car may get destroyed. There is only a certain number of collisions allowed when you play a driving game. If you exceed that number, the game is over. But some games give you points for smashing into objects on the road such as tables and chairs.

Playing these is so much fun that we can’t contain our excitement as well. Do make it a point to visit the sites we’ve mentioned above, and let us know how much fun you had while playing the games.

Ways to Create Your Own Car Game

The gaming scene on the Internet and in general on the computers is getting jazzier day by day. 3D and state-of-the-art warfare games are just a small grain of this huge universe. Car games too are a major hit amongst the aficionados. But, these are ones which you get to play, and they are already made. But imagine, if there was a console or a website where you got to make your own online game, how amazing that would be! Moreover, if you have to spend money to buy or download some from the various gaming websites, a great option to save a few good bucks would be building one. Has this got your adrenaline rushing?


Well, it does not get more exciting than this, does it? So, let’s get on to the gaming scene. All you need is just Internet connection and nothing else. So, let us get started.

Stage 1
The first thing you have to do is to research a bit on which ones are some good online gaming websites that allow you to make one. Yes, this will take time but then, later as you start creating one, you will realize that this is important. Check out the sites, which are free of spam and malware and stuff; this applies to the simple downloads, as well.

Stage 2
Now, after a bit of research, it is certain that you will find a credible website for the same. Check that site out and then start off by deciding what kind of a game you are looking at. Is it a hot shot car racing or something like Need for Speed, which had a version of cops and thugs and stuff like that?

Stage 3
You also need to decide what kind of cars you want. Of course, that will come after you have decided on the type of the game. So now, after all this preparation and some brainstorming, you are ready to actually create it. It is time now to take the plunge into it.

Stage 4
You have found out a good gaming website, so what are you waiting for? Get on to that website and start creating. MostPlays and PlayCrafter are two amongst the umpteen ones, which allow you to make online games.

Stage 5
There will be a tab resembling “Make Games.” Click on that and then pick the car option from the templates. Then click on the interface that comes; you will get options to choose from for getting your game on the course.

Stage 6
Click on the icons so that you can include them in your game and to come on the canvas screen. There, you can click on them and move them for creating obstacles, end points, and high points.

Stage 7
After setting of obstacles and reaching point, click on ‘add level’ or a similar option to add a level to your game. That will help you to add levels with different set of goals and obstacles.

Thus, this is all it takes; all you have to do in the final step is to check out if it is working. Test that; ensure it is rollicking and exciting.

Finally, click on Save or Publish. That will make your game available publicly, for the other such enthusiasts to try their hand at.

Choosing Best Game

This is the age of smart phones, tablets and laptops. Any average person with sufficient income can not keep himself or herself away from these gadgets. So, whoever uses these devices for any reason would be playing the games on it, mostly on smartphones and tablets.
Playing a game on your mobile or tablet isn’t that bad or good either. We will not go into that serious discussions. I only think that games should for relaxing your mind, pass your time and make some fun out of stressed life. That’s why selecting right game for you will be that crucial.
So coming now to main topic how to selecting best suitable game for self. Once you are on Google play or iTunes store don’t hop in to top games in the list. At any day this would be a easy choice to select any game from top 10 or top 20 games. But what if the game from the list is not of your choice. So first ask your self and understand what you like, for example racing, action, casual or brain games and many more. There are lot of options of game category. Here I am listing our some of most popular categories of games.

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Card
  • Casual
  • Brain or puzzle
  • Building
  • Endless Run
  • Movie Inspired
  • Music/ Musical Instrument related
  • Racing
  • Shooting
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Words
  • Zombie

Once you know the category of game you want, you will get list of top games in the category. Check the total no. of downloads and average review score for that perticular game. Also check user review of selected game.

This is not the end, I will tell one of the interesting part of games before you download them on your devices. We all now aware of our device RAM and its processor speed. It is very important paramater when you want to play high speed action games. If you select a heavy game with lot of graphics and more than 500 MB download size, then you must need to check your device limit. Slow processor speed and low RAM can ruin your gaming experince. Your phone may frequently hang while you are playing this game and you end up cursing either your device or game developer. This simply means your phone does not support to your device. Since we can not change our for a single game then its bit easy to select right game. Even I follow this simple rule whenever I wanted to download any hifi action or racing game. While doing so I do check the download size of the game and decide.

If you follow above given some reccomendations then it will be very easy for you to select best game in that category and best suitable for your device too. One can chose more than one category to enhance their game experience and fun level.